Talks (Assemblies & Youth Groups)


Highlighting the issues to a larger group has its benefits as it allows us to sift through the facts and myths of violent and anti-social crimes on a large scale to leave students more aware.

However, our research found that engagement and interaction from young people is low during these sessions. Therefore, we look at real life examples and provide concepts NOT answers, which leaves the students with something to think about.

Discussions are facilitated when requested and run for a duration of one hour.




Knife crime

Knife crime, some say is an epidemic. What is non-negotiable is our young people being offered the opportunity to be educated on the risks associated with knife crime and developing the skill set to prevent them from becoming a victim.


Gangs, Grooming and county lines

This discussion covers the reality vs perception of gangs; the consequences of joining a gang and equipping young people with the skill set to enable them to spot the signs of grooming that will prevent them from being criminally exploited.


Anti-social behaviour

A joke and a laugh with friends may seem like having a bit of fun. However, there can be a fine line between fun and antisocial behaviour. In the form of discussions, we talk around the different types of anti-social behaviour and the consequence that follows. We also explain to young people how understanding perception works by allowing them to feel empathy, by guiding them to stand in other people’s shoes to view their actions from different angles.