Weapons Bins

Weapon Amnesty Bins

Weapon Amnesty Bins

After a round of local fundraising: go fund me and a raffle. we were able to purchase 5 additional weapon amnesty bins to the 3 that we have: totalling 8.

The locations of the weapon amnesty bins may change so keep up to date here:

  • Bessacarr FC, 105 Aintree Ave, DN4 6HR
  • Bushfire, 427 Halifax Rd, S35 8PB
  • Concrete Canvas, 7 Jordanthope, S8 8DX
  • HGDT, The Campus, S35 3HY
  • Vape Shake, 5a Church st, S64 8QA
  • Vape Store, 9 Regent St, S70 2HT

We have 3 more ready to be deployed, would you like to house one? Get in touch!


It is manufactured from strong and durable, premium 2mm hot dipped galvanised steel. Making it difficult to damage; this unit is built to last!

It is manufactured with universal, antivandal padlock hasps that enable a secure padlock to be fitted to stop unwanted breakins using bolt croppers. The door has stainlesssteel rod hinges with a fivepoint welded tie sections and an anticrowbar return to prevent it becoming a weak point. An internal baffle system and oneway chute prevents anyone from removing items once inside.

It has a 30litre capacity to ensure all items can be deposited securely and can be safely emptied without becoming dangerous or too heavy for the person collecting.

The locks are tough, difficult to break, and water resistant. Equipped with the flowing features:

  • ToughCut™ octagonal boroncarbide shackle is 50% harder than hardened steel
  • Dual ball bearing locking for maximum pry resistance
  • 5pin cylinder for maximum pick resistance
  • Reinforced body bumper for scratch resistance
  • DualArmor™ protection: 21/2in (64mm) laminated steel core for strength surrounded by stainless steel & zinc outer components for weather

Industrial highstrength zinc plated welded steel chains that are throughhardened making them extremely difficult to cut.

The bins are checked weekly, any weapons found are removed straight away for inspection.

All weapons are examined thoroughly, if any of the weapons look like they have been used they are put in a sealed bag, dated and handed in to the police.

All fire arms are reported and collected by the police. We are storing the weapons safely in a secure location as we are aiming to create a positive sculpture with the remaining weapons collected.

A fully licensed security operative equipped with slash proof Kevlar gloves and home office approved stab proof vest.

We have researched recent violent crimes in your area and believe the weapon amnesty bin may deter such activity. We have worked with community groups in your area to make sure we put them in a place that has plenty of foot fall but not in a busy