Diff.Ends posterDIFF.ENDS (Different Endings) mentoring programme was created to guide, support and mentor young people, that are showing behaviours or mindsets that may lead them to go down a negative path that will have real life consequences. This programme is not limited to those that are, or at risk of carrying weapons, or being involved in gangs or criminal active. It encompasses those young people that are exhibiting challenging behaviours, have had a breakdown in communication between themselves and education providers and/or parents or are just finding life a little difficult.

DIFF.ENDS (Different Endings) mentoring programme has many benefits, such as:

  • Educational (Higher grades, improvised attendance in educational settings)
  • Behavioural (positive behaviour, reduction in crimes)
  • Emotional (Improvement in self-confidence, mental health and wellbeing)
  • Personal (Improved positive mindset, positive relationships and greater resilience)
  • Social (Communication, peer acceptance, leadership skills, and empathy)

Our mentors will keep close, professional and consistent relationships that will guide young people through any troubling times. Many of our mentors themselves, have experienced lived environments that we explore, powered through them and developed a style of delivery that will benefit the young people that we work with.

For more information, please download our information booklet.

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When outcomes are measured and reported correctly, it raises points of improvement and adoption of best practices, therefore further improving outcomes.

How do we know it works?

Our robust distance travelled tool kit composed of engaging digital feedback methods, quizzes and games, coupled with our theory of change, ensures that we don’t only show that our services work, but progress is tracked throughout, enabling us to see any changes and see which factors, such as external factors that may compromise our young people’s growth.