Mobile Youth Club

Our Mobile Youth Club is a large van that is converted into a state-of-the-art space packed with technology and equipment for youth people to engage with professionals and mentors.

This space is not just to reduce serious violence and antisocial behaviour but to work with other agencies to spread awareness on a wider range of topics: substance misuse, healthy relationships, safe sex and future prospects to name a few.

The project is inclusive from the very start: young people, communities and professionals working with us to design the exterior and interior; here are some of the uses of the Mobile Youth Club: Gaming (PS5), Home work/ revision (Laptops), wide variety of sports, music production/ DJ, poetry, graffiti / arts and crafts and a quiet place to talk.

We will be working with closely with professionals and mentors to provide information on the topics listed below. Finally, we will work with community groups and schools to discover which areas we would benefit the most.

Topic include but are not limit to:

  • Knife crime
  • Gang culture
  • CCE
  • CSE
  • County lines
  • Mental health
  • Safe sex
  • Hate crime
  • Homelessness/Tenancy Management including budgeting
  • Substance misuse
  • Education Employment and Training (EET) support

Once we have visited an area and are able to prove that we have made a difference, we want to work with people within the community to create a permanent youth club.

Providing qualifications, resources, and support: creating sustainable projects.